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Friday, June 1, 2012

The Friday Blahs

I went to bed fussy last night.  Although I slept well, it spilled over into my morning, not with anger, but nostalgia and a bit of sadness.  The weather here in Chicago is not helping either.  It makes me want to crawl in the bed, cry and sleep it (whatever 'it' is) off.  For that reason, I am glad I had to come to work today.  I would have just put myself in an even funkier mood if I stayed home alone.  In this way, work can be a relief.  The song I had to listen to this morning, is the same song I have had to listen to for about a week now:  Gladys Knight and the Pips, 'You're Number One (In My Book)'.  It pulls all the emotions I am feeling into a pile that I can sing out as a feelings exhale.  Gladys' voice, like molasses, is thick and rich and I can't get enough.

Yes, it's good that I am out of the house.  If not, I would be on the couch or in bed playing that song over and over and over again.  Hoping that it would release me from this feeling.  Whatever this feeling is.

Click to listen.

That was earlier...

Now, I feel great!  I received one last birthday week roundup gift from 'the Gift' in the form of a gift basket that totally caught me by surprise.  A co-worker bought me lunch, which was yummy.  And I had a couple of after work drinks with some girls from work.  Plus, the sun has come out.  I like these 'then and now' posts.  They truly help me put things in perspective.  What may start out as a crappy morning, can turn into a beautiful afternoon.  Cheers to the freakin' weekend!

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