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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Stingy Ass!

I know this woman who is stingy, self centered and lazy.  Yep, all of those things.  It was very recently that I put it all together.  She is the type who will never ask if you want or need anything, but is quick to get in on a food run, with no shame.  "Oooh, that sounds good.  Can you get me something?"  She is really caught up in her own world and will only let you in if it involves giving or doing something for her.  This same woman has on many occasions asked me to travel up to 2 hour distances to cheer her daughter on in cheer competitions, but has never asked how I have been.

She is selfish.  And at times it irks me.  Then I stop and think, her life isn't a bed of roses.  She has experienced some heavy family issues as of late, both immediate and extended.  I wonder if this is the cause of her total self involvement.  Is this her sub-consious way of taking something for herself?  It would not surprise me.  I just sit and think sometimes about her.  What it must be like to be her.  Then I pull back from my annoyance and try to pray for her.  I say, 'try to', because she can irritate me that bad.  My Grandma used to say, "You never know when you gon' need a glass of water."  In other words, do unto others- you know the rest.  I have lived by my Grandmother's words for years.  It has helped me put aside some of my hard-headed and stubborn ways.  But the one thing I would add is, you never know when someone else will need it too.  You have to give like you know it will come back, understanding that it will, just maybe not from that particular person.

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