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Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Registry

On sunday, one of my good girlfriends is having a baby shower, in celebration and anticipation of her first child.  If you knew my girlfriend, you would understand how exciting it is that she is expecting a little princess for her to spoil with loads of tulle, pink, bows and ribbons- whether separate or in one giant girl explosion!  This kid will want for nothing.  I have to admit, this is the first time I have ever really shopped for a baby gift with the guidance of the parent's registry.  I either get a gift card, or buy some random cuteness in the form of miniature clothes.  But this time around, with the help of my Financial Advisor (my mom), I gave the dollar amount I could/wanted to spend and together we hit Target's baby aisles with our blue paper printed gift registry.

The two of us were totally out of our element, my mother being out of practice and me, just out of the know.  We were matching item numbers and prices; looking for the right color.  There is a major difference between a ball and a rattle ball.  One rattles, the other does not.  It seems simple now that I know, but I came really close to throwing the wrong item in the bag.  A blanket we envisioned in our minds to be full sized, ended up being a cloth that wouldn't even cover my belly (that's not saying much since I can't seem to put the cocktails and brownines down-hold your laughter please) with a cuddly toy attached.  "This can't be it", my mom said.  "That's it", I replied after carefully reading the description for the umpteenth time.  We had a couple of those conversations.

When it was all said and done, I only went $4 over my allowed budget and I got some great items!  We tried to mix it up- cute and pratical.  Today, just for giggles, I checked the registry again to see if the uber friendly check-out girl (I'm being sarcastic, she barely parted her lips to speak) properly scanned each item to reflect on the list.  She did.  I must say, it was kind of fun.  I could not have invited a more worthy partner in my scavenger hunt.  Do you like registries?  Or do you prefer gift cards?

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