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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pink Slip

I had to let my housekeeper go today.  I had been putting it off for some time, because I could not figure how to actually tell her that her services were no longer needed.  My housekeeper has cleaned my apartment only twice (I live alone and it doesn't get that messy), but I sent her my keys thinking it would be a more long term arrangement.  I could not slink off like the chicken that I am and just ignore her.  I have to get my keys back.  My new housekeeper, FA and all around 'Girl Friday' is my mom.  She has already been by my house to clean and rearrange it for free.  Since she has been handling my books, I asked if she could fit herself into the budget.  Of course she said, "yes".

So today I sent 'B' a text to let her go.  I know it's insensitive, but her English is not very good and she prefers to communicate that way so her son and husband can help her translate and respond.  My message essentially was me telling her how greatly I appreciated her service and how I planned to send her referrals.  I let her know my mom would be cleaning for me from now on and she could send my keys in the mail and I would reimburse her the postage cost.  Her reply was laced with gratitude.  She asked if I would tell my friends about her as she needs more work.  She pretty much reiterated everything I said, which proved my professional language was not necessary and total inappropriate for this situation as she did not understand.  I could have kept it simple.

Our texts ended with us both repeatedly thanking one another; so I just ended it with her last 'thank you very much'.  It sucked having to let her go, just for the human side of it.  She is a small business owner basically and although I have not used her in a couple of months, my text sealed the deal that I did not need her anymore.  That's one less check to count on or add to her income equation.  Plus, I too have been told my services were no longer needed.  The feeling sucks and is so final.  And you have no say in the matter.  Overall, we both handled it well.  Luckily with my mom, there's no firing her.  She's here for good.

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