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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

All She Wrote

I cancelled my gym membership, yeah, I know.  Anyway, I did this because according to my FA, I was not going enough to warrant the monthly fee.  It did not fit my budget.  When I enrolled, I signed up for auto-pay and when I called to cancel and followed up, per their request, with an e-mail to confirm, I thought they would discontinue attempting to charge my account.  I was wrong.  They not only continued to attempt to charge the account, they were billing me a $30 insufficient funds fee each time they were unable to collect the the balance owed.  I instructed them to discontinue charging this card.  According to them, although I cancelled my membership, the account itself was not closed...blah, blah, blah.

On Friday, to dispute this, I wrote one of my infamous letters.  It was long.  I had pulled e-mails and information from their website.  Plus, I collected the names of both the CEO and CFO.  I was so heated, I did not touch the letter again until today.  With a clear head and renewed set of eyes.  I was able to edit the 3 page manifesto-like disgruntled letter, to a 2 page directive.  I included about 13 pages of highlighted backup e-mails.  I feel proud of this letter and hope it is received in good standing.  I do not mind paying the past due amount, but the fees are crazy ($60-90).  I give them my debit card number and once they have it, the billing department will just charge whenever and whatever they want?  Not on my watch.  I let them know when they could expect the balance.  Hopefully, they will reverse the charges.

After compiling that letter, I began writing a recommendation letter for a friend.  I had good things to say of course, but then I wondered, "is this too mushy?  Is it believable?"  I decided it was; I mean I was giving a character reference so I did not have to be that detailed about work skills.  I focused more on her personality.

In a nutshell, I have been writing all day, which is most likely why I do not feel like writing/typing this post now.  I am all typed out.

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