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Monday, June 25, 2012

The $150 Trip

My FA has been budgeting my money as you all know.  In a couple of weeks I will be in Vegas.  She writes a list of all the bills I have to pay for each check.  As I set up payments for my next pay period, I noticed I did not have much spending money for my trip.  In fact, it amounted to about $150!  I asked her what we could skip, so that I may have a fun trip without being tight.  She argued, in first person I might add, that she did not have anymore money.  What she put aside was all she had for me.  As if it was her money.  We scheduled a face-to-face on Thursday, because I am not a believer.  She, in between giggles, later told me I had Michael Jackson plans, on Tito Jackson money!  She even addressed me as Tito for the rest of the day.  The nerve!

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  1. HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA.....this is too funny. But good for the FA for sticking to her guns and not giving you much "wiggle room". You will appreciate that.