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Monday, March 14, 2011

Movie Review!

I am so tired; I should be sleep right now. But if I do not write this now, it ain't happening. I saw The Farrelly Brothers' film Hall Pass tonight. It was my choice. I had heard some decent/good movie reviews and thought a funny movie would be a good choice. So my friend LV and I headed to the Icon Theater on Roosevelt after I got off of work.

The movie is what you would expect from the Farrelly Brothers, nudity, sex, masturbation jokes, 'poop' jokes and drugs. There were three scenes in the film, that LV and I never would have suspected would be included in this or any movie. If you have seen the film, we can discuss it. If not, I don't want to spoil anything. The acting in the film is downright bad, from everyone. Joy Behar, whom I love from The View is so stiff and uncomfortable, at one point she clearly looked off set. The spray tans used in the film were so overused, that it was hard to look at the actors without squinting.

One of the unexpected scenes contains my new favorite actor, Thaddeus Rahming. 'Who is Thaddeus Rahming?', you ask. He played the very weighty and important character:
Naked Guy #1. Now, if you do not go to see this film for any other reason, let Mr. Rahming be your guide. Now maybe it is because I have been abstinent since September, but liked me some Thaddeus. I was with a guy and did not want to become all old-lady-in-the-front-row-at-the-Apollo-with-the-jheri-curl (remember her?). I just kept repeating, 'Oh my God, oh my God'. If ever there was a time to bootleg a movie, this was it. Except my customers would be mad because that would be the only footage available.

Overall, the film had a good message: the grass is always greener...with all of it's over the top junior high bathroom humor, it was a crazy and fun movie. It is silly, but kept us entertained. LV says he will definitely get it on dvd. He enjoyed it. My recommendation is to rent it or get the film on dvd. This will make a great dvd film. I give this 'Hall Pass': 3 out of 5 purse-smuggled snacks.

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