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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tatted Up

I think it's cute how the behind the ear tattoo has become so popular with women as of late.  I say this with a condescending smirk.  These are the same girls who look down on those with neck tats.  I guess they feel the more discreet location adds to the acceptability of it.   But the truth of the matter is, it's still a neck tattoo.  Why not just drop it an inch and be done with it?  Hood it out and claim it.

When I was growing up, my mother said she thought tattoos on women made them look like biker chicks.  Side bar:  She waited until she was past the age of 50 to get her first, which was the name of a lover, she no longer loves.  Then she got a second one to cover that up.  Kids these days.  I, not understanding her original sentiments waited until I got to college to get mine.  After the pain of it and the gradual realization that it did not turn out the way I envisioned it, I soon got over the appeal.  The good thing is, the location of mine is very easy to cover.  I have to admit, now I hate tattoos.   They no longer have an edge.  I can appreciate the art of a 'nice' one, but I have a hard time holding in my guttural groan when I hear of someone getting their first or God forbid a new one.  

So when I see the stars that travel up the back of the neck.  Or a special symbol only the person who got the tat can explain, even a name lightly written in cursive, I think, 'why not just get it on your neck?'  The thought is 'no one will see it if I let my hair down, or pull my collar up'.  But I am sure that was the thought of the first girl to get the 'tramp stamp' that we all are subject to seeing every time she gets up out of a chair with a too little top or some low-rise jeans.  The ink was originally for her and her special someone, now I have the pleasure of seeing it accompanied by tiger stripe-like stretch marks.

Can we all agree it is just better to claim and be honest that you like or (in some cases) are addicted to ink and stop spuriously claiming modesty?

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  1. This is not what I was thinking of when I was wishing you would mentioned me in your blog. Tats are another thing older folks should have to show a I.D. to get. After so many years have past you should not be allowed to get one.