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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

May I Use Your Bathroom?

I enjoy the bathroom. When I am at the Gift's house, I try to cut down on my meditation time. But sometimes I can't help it. I take a shower, wash my face, then the fun starts. I can stare at my face for at least an hour. I pick at it, examine it, critique it. I know he wonders what exactly I'm doing. Once I'm done with that, I start assessing my body, then hair. It gets a little tedious, but I get wrapped up. Last night I had one of my bathroom moments and as always he doesn't say anything. He will even use the other bathroom as not to disturb me.

In my dream house I want a large vanity, full length mirror, music, t.v., heated toilet seat and floors. Not to mention, I'd like a claw footed tub, his and her sinks and one of those showers that sprays you all around. Until then, I'll create my own sanctuary.

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