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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hide All Butter Knives Please!

Have you ever noticed how sad, depressed, mad and irritated people who make public and generic declarations of how happy they are seem to be? For instance, my favorites: I'm blessed, Blessed by the Best or I'm saved, sanctified and fiiilllled with the Holy Ghost! Save the drama fo' yo' mama! I'm not falling for it. As always Facebook has brought this to a blinding light. Although my best friend Antoine says it's not the 'real world', I think Facebook serves as a miniature illustration of the world. You have those who, every other day, post how happy, wonderful and full of joy their life is. GM FB fam, I am truly blessed and happy with my life. Really?? Then why do I have the sudden urge to put you on suicide watch? It happens in real life too. I just got off the phone with an ex-boyfriend who has always liked to 'one-up' me in conversation. When I was in school, he would ask me what year I was in, then he would always be at least a semester ahead. If I am single, he is single. If I am in a relationship, or he feels me pulling away from our 'friendship', he let's me know how wonderful life is. How mature he has gotten and how 'cool' his 'girl' is. It annoys the $hit out of me! I try to keep cool and be unfazed. How was your weekend? His response: It was beautiful. I can't complain. I'm just enjoying life! Brotha, I want to believe you, I really do, but I don't. Because when you thought there was a chance for us, this same girl was so boring and annoying. How quickly things change.

In my opinion, happiness is a true state of mind. It is peace within, no matter what is around you. A peace that does not need to be verbalized or spoken. Happiness is spread by genuine love and joy. You do not need to define happiness or name it, in order for it to exist. You simply need to know it, have it and feel it in your heart. I know many of people who do not go around cheesing and saying cliched phrases to express their 'feelings'; but nevertheless, I feel love and comfort around them always.


  1. I agree. Peace and love is truly something that is shown between two people. I should not have to scream from the mountain top we are friends or that I have love for you. It should be something that is shown through my daily interactions, or something that is felt by my very presence.

  2. Thanks for the response Nicole. You are so right on, as usual.