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Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Thoughts on Fantasia

I am truly a Fantasia fan. I have always liked her and enjoyed her singing. I even had the pleasure of seeing her perform on Broadway in the Color Purple. So of course I was upset to hear she had attempted to take her own life. I am against suicide. It is cowardly and short-sighted. What really bothers me more than how people view the whole incident, is for whom she did this for. She met the man, Antwaun Cook, at the T-Mobile store where he was a sales rep. This seems to not bother anyone, but me. Every time, I express how she shouldn't have been slumming it in the first place, people get all, Well she's not that bright or That may be who she's comfortable with or What's wrong with that?. Okay, do I have to say it people? Him working at T-Mobile is not the issue. Him being married and working at T-Mobile is the deadly (no pun intended) combination. He is married, still living with the woman and the ninja works at T-Mobile. That's the damn problem! What are the brotha's redeeming qualities? What did he bring to the table? Then people say maybe it was the bedroom action. But that constitutes a fling, not a a less-than-a-year romance that results in an attempted suicide.

Women, all of us, need to stop slumming it! Stop trying to see the good in EVERYBODY. I am speaking from my own foolish experiences. Stop trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents! Sometimes, all you have is 15 friggin' cents! Take it for what it is, but whatever you do, DO NOT get caught up. I have learned this the hard way. I have dated the fat, the broke, the old, the weird, the dumb, the incarcerated (yes, it's true), the ho, the a$$hole and the all-around loser. Each time, I wanted it to work, because deep down I needed it to work. But when it didn't, I was left thinking I could have spent my time with someone more attractive, more active, more fun, or maybe someone in better shape, with a better job or just more appealing. If it wasn't going to last, I would have rather spent the short time with someone that was on my level (whether perceived or otherwise). Maybe the arguments would not have been so hurtful if they were with someone I thought was cuter. Or the breakup not as bad if I did not have that agonizing feeling of I could have pulled better than him. As someone whose 30th birthday came upon them faster than expected, I wish every woman would be more attentive to what they really want. Trust that God will provide it, and be patient while waiting. It's okay to have a 'snack' in between, but make sure that person isn't putting you in a position where you become more comfortable with dealing with those less than what you want. In other words, stop wasting precious time. Do not get comfortable and lose yourself with someone you should have spotted from the beginning as a 'snack', not your full meal.

Fantasia nearly ended her life, leaving her daughter to be motherless in a cold world, for some dude she met at the T-Mobile store. Am I the only one that thinks that's straight b.s.???

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