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Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Jean-etics

My company's summer interns are great! I really love these kids. There are a couple of interns who are older, but it's the high school and college kids I love the most. They keep me up to date on the new lingo and even clothes. I had never heard of uniqlo, a.p.c. or nudie jeans before the interns. There are two young men in particular who love all things fashion. Once they even let me know that my purse was 'legit'. As boys, they of course adore jeans. In the case of the above mentioned, urban 'streetwear' to be exact.

This brings me to a hilarious (I thought it was funny) quick tutorial about a.p.c. jeans. This brand hails from France; the jeans run anywhere between $77-165. The New Standard jeans that the guys were discussing are typically $165 and can only be found in Barney's here in Chicago. These jeans are 100% raw selvedge denim, meaning they need special care. The jeans are designed to form fit to your body over time. For this reason you are not to wash them for at least 6 months. When you do decide to wash them, one of the ways the company suggests is to go out to the ocean with your jeans on, get out of the water and scrub them with sand, then re-enter the ocean and repeat. I laughed so hard at the boys sincere and serious enthusiasm as they explained this phenomena to me. They were serious, which made me laugh more. They referred me to the internet for proof. Of course I had to check this out. And yes, that is just one of the ways to clean your jeans. Another, more reasonable way is to just wash them in Woolite Dark. Regardless, everyone agrees you are to purchase them 2 sizes too small (they will eventually stretch) and not wash them for as long as you can stand. Because it's raw denim, they are not supposed to wrinkle and everyone swears they don't smell. For even better results you should try to wear them as often as possible to help in the overall final fit. If you wear a wallet or cellphone in your pocket, expect the jeans to remember. The imprint will stay in the jeans- I swear, I saw it! One of the interns puts his jeans on as soon as he gets home each day; people will even sleep in them from time to time.

In all honesty, the jeans are nice and I was considering purchasing a pair of of the stretch denim jeans for women, which only run about $77 (yes I said only, this is high-end stuff people!). Below are the links to the a.p.c. site and care instructions for nudie jeans which is said to be a comparable brand. Take a look, and let me know what you think. Are the jeans worth all of this fuss? Let me hear what you think.


  1. No, no and NO. OF COURSE THEY CONFORM TO YOUR BODY, that much funk is bound to keep shit stiff!