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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Great Stick Up!

My neighbors across the hall, God bless them, they are typically nice, neighborly and quiet. They are a mother and daughter. The ONLY real issue I have with them is they keep their shoes outside of their apartment. This morning I counted 7 pairs! There were flip flops, sandals, galoshes and sneakers. Now as I have mentioned previously, the building is old and has no air conditioner. So in the summertime, the hallway windows are opened, but it's still muggy and hot and the shoes make it funky. They must notice this as well, because recently a Stick Up air freshener was stuck to the door frame outside of the apartment. If that wasn't enough, the other day as I was leaving out and headed to the second landing, I heard someone open their apartment door and wildly spray air freshener outside the door. When the mother looked down and I looked up, she hurriedly went back in and slammed the door.

Here's my issue, you know the shoes are funky, you try everything in your power to keep the smell down. Why don't you just take the shoes inside? I think it may be a one bedroom, so maybe they don't have enough space. But if by chance they do, and I think they can make space, why not bring the shoes in as you wear them? So tonight my Really?...Really?! award goes to my neighbors across the hall. Enjoy this vintage, 80s commercial for Stick Ups air fresheners.


  1. I think they deserve an award for "most considerate." How sweet of them to think of the neighbors and freshen the hallway air with a Stick Up!

  2. Sara you always see the bright side of things. Too funny!