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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Same Plate

Two cute things occurred last night, I had to bare with me:

1. Looking at myself in the bathroom mirror, nude, with the door open, I say to Mr. Ghana, "I look good naked." He's in the dining room doing his homework. he looks up and responds, "Yeah, I know. I always tell you this." CLASSIC. P.S. Don't ask why I don't have any clothes on, I've already explained how I have no air. Plus, I'm a grown ass woman!

2. Mr. Ghana asks me if I've ever eaten from the same plate with someone. Now this is something we have done previously. I thought he just wanted to share his food. But apparently, in Ghana, couples (married or otherwise) not as a rule, but a socially accepted way of eating, eat from the same plate together. After I cooked, I asked if he was hungry, then in a typical I was raised in the 80s American fashion fixed myself a plate, went into the bedroom (on my bed no less- that's how I role) and watched Mad Men.

I'm learning, I'm learning. The time we did share food, I wasn't hungry and told him this. He said: "we are not eating because we are hungry, we are eating because we are happy". Ghana a direct link to my ancestors?? Because that is sooo me! I challenge you to share a regular meal with your mate. Let me know the results. Happy eating!

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