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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring is in the Air

It is officially springtime. Or at least it especially feels like it today. The weather was nice or maybe just nicer. The city had that little buzz it gets when the weather warms up; that unmistakeable feel-good vibe. It makes people kinder and gentler. When I was getting out of my car earlier, I saw my neighbor. He looked fresh and clean. He was also getting into his new Audi (someone must have gotten a nice tax refund check). I made a point of saying a very upbeat 'hey, how you doing'. I followed that greeting with a 'you look very springtime'. He smiled and said, 'it's beautiful today'. I agreed, adding: 'it's gorgeous', while walking away. We both exchanged, 'have a good day(s)' and went on about our business. This exchange was so cute to me, because a few years ago he had left a note on my windshield asking me out for coffee or tea. I ignored it and later he asked if I had received it. I said yes and that I had a boyfriend. Now in hindsight, that 'boyfriend' was an a$$hole. I really could have giving him a little play. But instead I dismissed him, politely, but a dismiss nonetheless. He then proceeded to make an extreme effort to ignore me. He did not speak to me for at least a solid year. I finally had to start forcing him to speak, by speaking to him, trying to stay cheerful and light. So maybe this has finally, completely broken the ice. I have no hard feelings toward him, but if he were my boyfriend, I am sure he would expect me to tell any interested parties that I was taken.

Today also marked the start of my bootcamp class, on the other hand my Taste of Salsa class ended. My cute classmate signed up for the next level, so I did as well...shaking my head. I am not stalking him, but it is nice to progress with someone you have already danced with, that's what I am telling myself. Between my bootcamp on Saturdays, the Introduction to Ballet I start tomorrow, the new advanced salsa class on Mondays and the core barre ballet class Tuesdays, I expect to be sore this season. The good news is my core barre class ends in two weeks; I hate it. I know I am taking a lot of classes, but they are a great way to keep in shape without hitting the dreaded treadmill or doing an awful spin class. Also, I have the time and means. Plus, why not? My girlfriend last night, asked if these were items on my 'bucket list'. I was a little offended and even got a bit defensive. Why do I have to be clearing a bucket list? Why can't I just be doing me? She is a good long-time friend and means well, so I got over it quickly. I am very much aware that this kind of time and freedom is very precious. I plan on enjoying every minute of it. Awww, springtime in Chicago, cannot beat it.

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