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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beauty Tips, Shopping Trips and More...

Today I wanted to share a beauty secret, which isn't really a secret.  But in case you were not aware, or are looking for a product to handle dry skin and exfoliation, do not, I repeat do not go out and buy an expensive scrub.  All you need is sugar, any kind (I used white), and olive oil.  I used a disposable plate for a quick disposal.  Poured some sugar and added the olive oil in the plate, mixing it with my fingers.  Then I got in the shower and before turning the water on, scrubbed the parts of my body that needed exfoliation (arms, elbows, legs, knees and bikini area- I got a wax on Sunday and I bump easily, this helps calm that down) then turned the shower on to rinse.  The result, smooth, soft and well oiled skin.  I used my regular soap to 'suds up' then applied more of my concoction as a finishing touch.  This way, when I got out of the shower I patted myself dry (not too much) and the moisture and oil were locked into my skin!  Try it at home, super simple!  SIDEBAR:  I use Claus Porto soap.  It is a product from Porto, Portugal.  The soap is $16 a bar, but lasts a looong time.  I have a sphere from my last bar that I have been using for at least two months now.  Established in 1887, you can find it at a few specialty soap shops or online directly from Claus Porto (international shipping fees apply) or sites like Amazon.  Here in Chicago, I get it from the Merz store at the Palmer House.  The soap boasts of 100% Shea Butter formula and 100% vegetable base.  Plus, it smells so good.  It will add a fresh scent to your bathroom.  And if that's not reason enough, the packaging is very art deco, so it looks good waiting to be used.

Moving on to clothes, I went shopping today both online and in-store at Ann Taylor (surely becoming my favorite store).  I bought the following items (I did not know how to add a quick-link, they are below, so you will have to go to the Ann Taylor store and pull the item numbers up, sorry):  258463, 256451 and 255868.  There was a fourth item but they no longer sell it online.  I could describe them, but it would not be the same.  But basically, a dress, skirt, shirt and pair of cropped pants. Too cute!

Finally, my trench coat I ordered from Topshop, finally came in today.  There was free shipping when you spent a certain amount, but because the store is in the UK, the coat was being shipped via Royal Mail.  Yeah, try tracking THAT down!  Anyway, it is so adorable and I am glad it came.  I was getting nervous.  On the plus side, Topshop is soon to be opening a flagship U.S. store here in Chicago.  I cannot wait.  Here is the coat's item number:  07N09YNAV.  Check them out, very funky, but sharp items.

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