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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This is some bullsh!t!

This is some bullshit!! That's what I am always thinking when I go to my Core Barre Ballet class on Tuesdays. I registered for a month of the once a week class. Today was my fourth and final week. I skipped last week's class because I really did not feel like it. But I already paid for my month-long unlimited classes through Living Social and I planned to get my money's worth. So begrudgingly I went today.

When I signed up for the class, I thought it would be a ballet class, plain and simple. No, this is an intense pilates, core training and strengthening class. Basically some exercise nazi bullshit that I abhor. I take an outdoor bootcamp class, I have run 52 flights in 14 minutes and I have completed two 5K runs, and I still have sweated the most in this class! I mean sweat is all over my face. I sweat normally, do not get me wrong, but not on my face and neck like I do here. Plus, I leave the class feeling sore. Oh how I want a strong massage of my legs, calves and feet right now.

Apparently the regular teacher of this class is on maternity leave. So I have had two different substitutes. I must say, I liked today's teacher better than the last one (I am not speaking personally, as I do not know either ladies, only there sinister workout tactics). However, sometimes I wonder, like today, if instructors make up weird stuff in their head for us to do. Some of the movements we did today, were awkward and seemed like something she discovered by accident. 'Wow that hurt when I picked up those keys like that, eureka, I'll have my class do it in reps of eight!' Are you phucking kidding me!?

With all that said, I am debating whether to continue taking it. It does feel affective and an hour and 15 of that, plus, 2 hours of bootcamp, another hour of salsa and ballet, that's 5 hours of exercise each week. Maybe my stomach will get to the Janet Jackson flatness I so desire. Because you know I am secretly a fat girl trapped inside this slender figure. She is breaking her neck to get out, but MJ ain't having that! I want to stay slim and trim before I settle down and have my 2-3 kids. This fitness stuff does not get any easier the older you get, you combine that with a little one at home, and we're talking a recipe for 3 chins! And I'm too cute for that...

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