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Friday, April 22, 2011

Baby Love

I sent my girl Octavia a text this morning asking what she and the baby Ava were going to do today.  I had not seen them in a couple of weeks and thought today would be a good day since I am off for Good Friday.  She responded that she was trying to get her hair done, but could not find a babysitter and asked what I had planned.  Nothing today, oddly enough.  She then asked if I wanted to make $20.  Sure, why not?  I was surprised.  I could not believe someone would trust me with their precious, non-replaceable baby.  I mean, MJ Poppins has watched kids before, but they were old enough to 'go sit down somewhere'.  Or watch t.v. by themselves.  But more importantly, it was usually it was for very short periods of time.  Think, a smoke break, that sort of thing.  But Octavia needed to get her butta whipped and her mom was busy, so I was chosen and asked.

I get over here and at first Daddy leaves, Ava is cool.  Then Mommy gives her some goodbye 'suga' and walks out the door.  Now on this little face, I see real signs of concern.  This less-than-one-year-old angelic force is giving me the 'playtime is over' look.  I mean, she is really not impressed.  All of a sudden her favorite dolly, just ain't funny anymore.  I, like the amateur baby handler that I am, pulls every toy out in an attempt to make her happy.  She's cool, but not amused.  Then here is comes.  That first whimper.  Then it comes again, the toys are not helping.  Finally, her eyes are watery and I panic.  Uh oh, now what?  I was told she should not eat again until noon, it's 10:30.  So I can't bribe her with food, although that always works for me.  Does she need to be changed?  She cries the moment I put her on the changing table, plus I can't get my finger deep enough in her diaper to tell for sure.  All I know is when she sits still, she gets pissed.  I'm hoping she is sleepy, but Octavia said she will not go to sleep on her own.  Aww hell...  Okay, think MJ, what would ease you into a late morning slumber?...BESIDES food...  I cut the lights off and turned the t.v. down and I walked.  Slowly, deliberately and while rubbing her back firm and gently I walked this small 1-bedroom condo.  From the bedroom to the dining room, I kept it moving.  It was the only thing that kept her from crying.

I used the mirrors I passed to get a glimpse of her, had she fallen asleep yet?  At first, no, then suddenly I felt it.  I felt her little butt, get even heavier on my forearm.  She was sinking in deeper.  Then came the head.  With a soft thud, it laid on my chest.  I had her, she was asleep!  When I felt she was deep enough in her sleep, I laid her down.  And that's all she wrote.  I sent a picture of the sleeping baby to her mom, who replied: 'Damn!  Good job MJ!'  I like when my maternal instinct shows itself; it's not often, but it's in there...somewhere.


  1. Good Job Maya, now that we know you can be a start up mommy, get me some grand babies. She sounds so sweet. Babies are so simple, feed me, keep me dry, and have somewhere I can sleep.

  2. That was an awesome story. I have felt that exact pain before!