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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday, Saturday

Today is the last no bootcamp Saturday I will be able to enjoy before winter. We are starting up again the first Saturday of April. So today is a little special. I started with my salsa class, then I visited Daddy and from there went to get my first 'no chip' manicure. I got the Shellac brand because the spa was running a sale. It was not want I thought it would be, but it looks good and I may try it again in the near future. After my nails, I met up with LC for dinner at one of my fave restaurants. We ate and talked and drank. From there we went to Chant in Hyde Park for another cocktail. I had a great time. I love good conversation with a good girlfriend.

Highlight of today: I got my salsa class crush's phone number! We discussed practicing our steps and going to some of the after class activities. I suggested he could call me if he ever wanted to go with a partner. We exchanged numbers. Woohoo! He is so cute to me!

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