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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Glorious Adventures of MJ

In keeping with my life's motto, 'Just Do It', I have enrolled in some new classes to further stimulate my mind and keep these glutes tight! First I enrolled in 'A Taste of Salsa' class. I have always wanted to salsa dance. Like steppin' it looks so easy, until you try it. So I thought an official class would give me more confidence, allow me to meet new people and pick up some new dance moves at the same time. I love it! The class, instructor and of course the music are all on point. Although I have only taken one class, I am already thinking I might sign up for the next level.

My other new class is a 'Core Barre Ballet' class. Do not be fooled as I was. This is not a ballet class. Instead, it's an intense pilots class that uses ballet techniques...umm...I thought I would be the real Black Swan, not struggling, as usual, in the 'plank position'! It is the kind of workout class where you know you will be sore in the morning, because you can already feel tenderness directly after class. I was 'point'-ing and 'flex'-ing so hard, I think I pulled an ankle muscle. Who knew there was an ankle muscle!? I wanted to leave and go home and never come back again, but I will stick it out at least until my 30 days of unlimited classes for a deeply discounted price has expired.

You may be wondering where I found such classes and deals. Let me introduce you to my new addiction: Living Social and sometimes Groupon. I received the salsa deal for about $35. There was some discrepancy in the advertising, but you know I took care of that. My ballet class facility offered unlimited classes for $35 as well, typically this would have cost me $155. I will keep exploring and providing you the 'real deal' details on all of my adventures. In the meantime, get out and do something different!


  1. Is the barre class like the "bar method" stuff? I did some of that with my old trainer and yes, it was ROUGH...

    I'm with you on the fun to fitness stuff! I've been boxing again and bellydancing, and now, BHANGRA! It's Bollywood-style dance...seriously, you cannot be anything but joyful when you dance this stuff, SO fun...

  2. Alexis-the barre, is the actual ballet bar. But it's a killer girl! Bhangra sounds fun!