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Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Got This

Years ago, maybe 3-5, I went to a fundraiser event at the Hot House. There was an auction and raffle. I won an artist numbered (95/250) 1978 Nii-Oti signed print. I believe the name to be 'The Sisters" or "3 Sisters" (cannot not seem to find any information on the web). I was so excited because I never win anything! After having it rolled up at my dad's house for all this time, I finally had the pictured framed.

It's a large and clumsy picture to try and balance by yourself, so although I knew exactly where it would be hung, I wanted help doing so. I asked my friend, LV to help. He agreed, but was out and about and would not be able to make it over until late. I had work in the morning, so I postponed the visit. The next day, after getting home from work, I hung my coat up and did not even bother putting my bags away before deciding to hang the picture myself. I mean, I have done it before. It would have been nice for someone to hold the picture up so I could see the perfect height. But I used my 'third eye' and worked it out. Yes the hooks are crooked, but with a little balancing, I straightened the picture where you cannot even tell. Now it looks perfect hung over my settee.

As I sat back and admired my work, I could not help thinking 'I'm a bad mamma-jamma!'. I was giddy and excited, in my head singing Aretha Franklin's song, 'Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves!'. When Antoine called, I could not even hide my feelings. I explained how much I hate waiting. You may call it impatience, but I absolutely hate to wait. Especially waiting on a man. You know those things that you should have a man help you with, or so you think. I can name countless projects I, my mom and I or my aunt and I have tackled on our own. Whether a man was around or not. I think back to when my hand-me-down dining room table was unassembled on my floor for days. My ex was going to come over and help within 30 minutes, which turned into a couple of hours. Finally my mother, in her 'bump him' attitude said, we can do this ourselves. And you know what? We did. That mutha did not even show up that day, if I am recalling correctly.

Life with him taught me to work it out, wait for no one. Every time I walk in the living room and see that picture I am so happy. Not only because the three painted sistas look regal, but the beautiful painting represents how far I have come. My days of waiting on men are officially dead and gone. When LV came by the next day, he said it looked really nice. Of the men in my life now, I know he of all people would have helped and I would not have had to wait so long. But it just felt good not to have to depend on him. Our visit was a visit and not an assignment. Yeah...I got this.

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