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Friday, July 23, 2010

Wedding Bells...For Real???

Okay, as a random thought, last night I had the most vivid dream that I was getting married. The funny thing is my parents picked out everything from the food to the wedding dress. In the dream I was apprehensive with this, but everything was perfect. The dress my Mom picked was beautiful and the my Dad's food selection was excellent. The funny thing is that this dream had two parts. At first I was marrying to the gentleman I am dating now. But by the end of the dream I was marrying the British rugby player Gareth Thomas. I have no idea what this means or says about my chances of marriage. Maybe it has something to do with the Real Sports episode I watched recently featuring Thomas' story. Either way, the dream was very interesting...P.S. I was happy as hell in both scenarios! Have a great Friday people!

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