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Thursday, July 22, 2010

CTA Follies

On both trips going to and coming from work I stood up. My favorite spot is standing over the luggage pin. I have mastered holding on and reading at the same time. Sometimes I simply look out the window and other times I play my music. Whatever the case, I have discovered I much more prefer this standing position then sitting wedged in between two people. Okay so here's my real gripe: I am so sick of people taking up two seats! Now mind you, I do not discriminate too tough of my juicier counterparts. However, the seats on the bus and train are rather small and do not accommodate the average larger person. This is not really that healthier person's fault. But at the same time...neither is it mine. As hot as it is, and as tight as these buses get, it is so annoying. Some people, I believe, revel in the fact that no one will or can sit next to them. They enjoy their extra hip room. Until I come along and squeeze my hips right in between or next to them. I usually get that unmistakable feeling that my fellow passenger is giving me a gigantic sigh on the inside. But you know what??? I paid for a seat too. And if there is no barometer to tell you it's time to slow down on the Oreo cookies (I ate about 8 myself today...don't tell nobody), it's the CTA seat! So when I do not feel like being a pain in some poor commuter's side (literally) I just stand.

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