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Friday, July 15, 2011


So, I have been strongly encouraged by some who have read this article to get in contact with Ms. Jordan.  After charging up my old phone, I realized I did not have her number.  So instead of calling her, I went to my 1st floor neighbor, Ms. Williams and knocked on her door.  Surely, she would know.  I wasn't disappointed.  Ms. Williams gave me the whole low-down and even told me some things about neighbors I didn't even know or ask about. Apparently, Ms. Jordan fell and hurt herself badly.  She was in the hospital and later sent to a nursing home.  These past few months I had not seen her, that's where she was.  Ironically, after complaining about the food there and being overall homesick, she was sent home just yesterday.  I will wait until things settle a bit and visit her if her family allows.

Also, today I received a text from Mr. Friend.  You know the one who lives with his girlfriend, but wants to play kissy-face with me?  Well I held strong to my promise to myself and God to let that go.  No matter how much fun we have together.  He is in a relationship and it is not right.  His text said that he just noticed we are no longer Facebook friends.  Does this not sound like deja vu?  Just a few weeks ago, my childhood friend reached out asking the same exact question (see Enjoy the Rest of Ur LIfe).  First I asked if he really cared.  He said why wouldn't he.  I reminded him how I asked him to give me space and he said he would, so essentially move around brotha!  That last part was in my head.  His response was that he never said he did not want to hang out with me anymore, it's just that his situation got 'complicated' and he needed to pull back for a moment until things settled down.  He never meant to hurt me.  I let him know that I am not a fair-weather friend.  It has to be all or nothing.  Who is to say that things won't get complicated again?  I let him know that I had feelings for him and that I could not put myself in a position to be hurt.  There was no love lost, I just want space.  No reply.

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