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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Double Talk

I have a good girlfriend who talks about her other friends to me.  Not because I am particularly special, but in conversation, if she tells a story about one of her friends, she may add a bit of judgement.  Not horrible, foul-mouthed smack talk  But more like a, 'let me tell you about her' or 'she's funny to me'.  She does it so much, that I wonder if and what she may be saying about me.  She has a frienemy whom I think she cannot stand, but whenever they are together, I feel like she caters to the girl.

My question tonight is:  can you trust someone who talks about others, not to talk about you in the same manner?  Is there any chance that you may be that special friend?  Maybe she holds your business sacred.  Or maybe she feels I am the kind of person she can be completely honest with and know I will not share the conversations with anyone else.  Or, am I to assume I am being discussed in the same way?  Can a good gossip ever be trusted?


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  1. There's a huge difference between being a gossip and being phony. I think that the level of trust depends on the level of gossip. If she's discussing stuff that's common knowledge amongst your friend and your group ("Girrrl,, her boyfriend ain't shyt) then she might be ok. If she's telling you stuff that the friend told her in confidence ("Girrrl, her boyfriend ain't shyt. You know he burnt her, right?"), then you might wanna watch what you say to her. She probably knows that you won't say anything, maybe you ARE that special friend, but she'll be the first one to tell all your business if you piss her off.

    Oh, but your girl sounds phony as hell. People who tell all the business, offer their opinion, AND smile in the "friend's" face ("Girrrl, her boyfriend ain't shyt. You know her burnt her, right? Girl yeah. Gave her herpes AND chicken pox. I don't know why she's still with him. She's a dumb bytch. Are you coming to the bridal shower I'm throwing her?), can't be trusted. Ever.