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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Check the Pulse

Where I live, there is a woman who should have turned 96 this past 4th of July.  Her name is Ms. Jordan.  There is one handicap parking space on our block, it's hers.  I met Ms. Jordan when I first moved to the building.  She, without a formal introduction, instructed me to help her get some bags out of her trunk.  I, on my way to hit the streets, was a bit annoyed at her presuming that I had nothing better to do.  At the same time, I loved her old school mentality that suggests since she is older, show some respect!

Over the 5 years I have lived here, I have carried my share of groceries up her 3 flights of stairs!  While she walked extremely slow behind me with the assistance of 2 canes!  She would say, you can leave me, 'I'll crawl up the stairs'.  She was not being funny either; she actually crawled.  I have assisted her out of her car, that she still drove.  I have listened to her stories and shook my head when I noticed her car was missing well after dark.  She would often compliment me on my 'big pretty legs', clothes and shape.  What I liked most about Ms. Jordan is, she was still on the move.  Going to various birthday parties of her 80 and 90 something-year-old friends, attending church service and visiting friends.  

Here is my dilemma, I have not seen her car parked in the handicap spot for months now.  I have also not seen Ms. Jordan for the same amount of time.  I keep saying I need to call the number she gave me, but I get nervous and scared.  I don't know what is going on; it may not be as sad as I am imagining it to be.  But regardless, I have been wondering where she is.  At 96, I just keep thinking of the inevitable.  I think today, I will call and see what is going on, praying that she is okay.  It is just not like her to not drive.  I know I am a punk, being scared and all, but where oh where is Ms. Jordan!!