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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Support A Sista!

I have been annoyed lately with people's, especially women's overall lack of support for one another.  A girlfriend of mine, who has started a travel page where travel enthusiast can come together, discuss ideas and travel, share pictures and what-not, was telling me this morning about the lack of support shown by her friends.  After sending out numerous e-mail blasts, FB invites, 'Like' requests and messages, she is still unable to get some of her girls to, if nothing else, 'Like' the page or spread the word to their friends.  She said she has tried everything to get them to participate, but to no avail.

I explained to my girl, you have to just keep on pushing.  There are some people who just will not act on your behalf or for your benefit in some cases.  As an example, I told her how just this weekend I was talking to my girl 'Tizzle' over sushi.  I was telling her a story, something I had already shared on this blog.  I did not want to repeat myself, but then thought about who I was talking to, 'you don't read my blog, do you?' I asked with slight annoyance.  She quickly answered, (as if to say, 'tell the damn story') with no shame, 'no'.  Now this is one of my closest girlfriends.  She knows how much writing my blog means to me.  I do not think my posts are particularly long nor boring, but she has only read 3 total.  One, by chance I sent it to her.  The other two, I had her read to get her opinion, but she will not just read them.  I have to chalk it up to the notion, it is what it is.

It was also 'Tizzle' who, disappointed and irritated, shared her hurt feelings over me not attending any of her pre-wedding bridal events (bachelorette and bridal shower).  I have no real good reason why I did not show up, I just didn't.  I have since profusely apologized.  But during our first conversation, she said 'you know how it is when you have an event and people don't show'.  She was speaking as the person I often toss party ideas around to first before going through with an idea.  I replied, 'yes, I do and you have not attended all of my events either.'  Okay, yes this was childish and not a good time to bring it up, but I was a little irked myself.  I have had a few get-togethers that she has not come out to, for various reasons.  Yes I know the wedding and surrounding events are major and a once-in-a-lifetime event, but so are some of my events.

No I am not getting married, but my little birthday, summertime, girls' night out events, ARE my weddings, they are my baby showers, they are my engagement parties, bridal showers, etc.  I may never get married, does that mean I do not deserve the same attendance effort that I have to give to you?  I may not be walking down the aisle, but me turning 31 is a once-in-a-lifetime event as well!  We have to support each other, at ALL stages of our lives.  With ALL new ventures and ideas.  I am not talking about that heifer we all know who is constantly trying to snag us on a pyramid scheme (I'll blog about that at another time) or new business angle that will have us all rich in no time.  I am talking about women like my girl and her travel site.  She loves to travel and after years of people asking for her advise and suggestions, she thought she would share her knowledge, just 'Like' the damn page already, would you??!!  Is it THAT hard?

Here I am, bold enough to write my intimate thoughts, feelings and anecdotes; read a post, why don't ya!? Just one, so you can see that I am not half bad and you may learn a thing or two about me or even yourself.  I do not expect you to be a faithful follower, but why not 'follow' me, it would look better when/if others came to visit the page.  Most street performers drop their own dollar in the hat, just to let future passerby's know, 'hey, someone else thought I was worth a dollar'.

As women, let's encourage and support one another.  Stop waiting for your turn to receive a rousing endorsement.  Show some love to someone else for a change.


  1. really....I am seriously LOLing over here! Very well written Maya. Love it~

    BTW Ya'll - I'm the girl with the travel FB page: 2 Girls and a Bikini. Please go "Like" it b4 Maya snaps off - AGAIN.

  2. Wow, I don't know where to start. Well I think we all have gotten lazy and disinterested in others unless we need something (including support) or there is a possibility of the connection being in the limelight (i.e., celebrity or networking opportunity.) It is sad but true. To a lot of people, everything outside of routine, takes a lot of effort. Simply to love & support others seems like a major effort. Although I absolutely do not agree with this behavior, I am sure I have been guilty of some of the very same acts.

    With your friend Tizzle, I think you both need to wipe the slate clean and agree that going forward you both will make more of an effort to support each other endeavors. This should give you both new opportunity to let go of past short coming and be conscious of those you love. (PS-read Gary Chapman’s 5 love Languages, when you get an opportunity)

    Regarding the 2 Girls and a Bikini fan page, I enjoy their post (because I love travel) although right now I can't even afford the dirt cheap fares. I believe the page will pick up, periodically, they probably should send request to their FB Fam to suggest the page to others, but your friends effort is not in vain. I love the page and others will to, just be patient, the page may be for people who are not their friends but have interest in what she is willing to share with the world.

    Finally, I am really enjoying your blog. I used to feel, blogs were to long to read but you have me sold.(At least on yours, lol)