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Saturday, July 9, 2011


Antoine and I spent our last night, in Puerto Vallarta, having a 'romantic' sunset dinner for two, by the ocean.  Everything was beautiful.  We had a private dinner with our own personal server to fulfill our every need.  Although the package we reserved, is more for couples, everyone keeps asking if we are married or engaged, we have soaked it all in and enjoyed every moment.

After dessert, sipping champaign, red wine, gossiping and discussing our goals and dreams for the future, we headed down the tiki-lit walkway towards our room.  It was at the end of the walkway, we spotted a little girl, about 6 or 7 and a woman who appeared to be her grandmother.  As we walked past, the girl said, 'Hello!'.  To which I looked back and responded, 'hello' with a smile.  The 'grandmother', speaking only Spanish, mentioned something about taking a photograph and handed Antoine her camera.  He took it and began to take a picture of the two of them.  I on the other hand stared out in space, looking at the sky.  The 'grandmother' then clarified herself and the little girl walked over to us.  The little girl wanted to take a picture with us!  I posed her in the middle and we smiled, obliging her wish.

They thanked us and we went our separate ways.  I don't know if they do not see many of 'us' where they are from, if the girl thought we were celebrities of some sort or if they just thought we would be a good picture to get.  Either way, it blew my mind for a minute.  So, if in the future you see antoine and I on the internet with a little Latin girl or we are in someone's Facebook photos, just think, it all started with a simple, 'Hello!'

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