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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Will Signing Ceremony

Tonight after work, my friend Nicole and I met my dad at his friend's house to authenticate and sign his will. My dad's friend is a recent graduate of law school, who was kind enough to draw up some legally binding paperwork to serve as my dad's last will and testament. After the paperwork was signed, we popped champaign and chatted about music.

Nicole drove my dad home and me to my car, both located in Hyde Park. On my journey home, I noticed that I missed a call. It was my dad. I immediately called him back, because I did not know if he needed something urgent, since we had just left him. Well he did. He asks me if I'm still with Nicole. I replied, 'no'. He proceeds to tell me if I talk to Nicole, to see if she found some BLUE pills in her back seat. In my mind I was thinking...could he be talking about...nooo. YES!! My 79-year-old father proceeds to tell me how he had his Viagra pills in his pocket, but now could not find them, so he assumed they fell out. What the hell is going on?! I tell him how embarrassing it is to even ask her this and that the incident has even happened. His only concern, is that the pills are expensive and he wants them back. Questions that immediately run through my mind in a matter of seconds:

1. Why the hell did you bring Viagra to a Will Signing Ceremony!!???
2. Why are the pills lose in your pocket!!??

Laughing, Nicole told me she did find the pills and that I can pick them up along with a bag that I left (containing completely sensible things might I add) tomorrow.

Things to do list:
1. Pick up some groceries.
2. Schedule an appointment for my oil change.
3. Call a couple of friends.
4. Pick up my dad's Viagra!


  1. Well, well, well, now you REALLY know "where babies come from" I guess that thought about living back with him is out, I don't have Viagra and don't want to know anyone who does.

  2. Oh, that Papa James!! Do you think he starts each day, grabbin' a few "just in case"? My favorite part is that he was only concerned about the expense! Thanks Maya, this story made my night... :)