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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Naomi Files

After leaving my friend's house and retiring to my bed last night, I was able to catch the Oprah interview with Naomi Campbell. The show was a rerun, but I have never seen it. I had heard about the episode and wanted to catch the interview. Oprah of course probed her about her anger issues and violence against others. Here's the deal, Naomi has a birthday about four days before mine. I am not Ms. Cleo, but I do believe that some individuals born around the same time, share some personality traits. I so can relate to some of her foolishness. She cried throughout the entire show. At one point Oprah asks why she was crying, to which Naomi responds: "I don't know." Oh have I been there! Upset, sad, angry and potentially violent. Seeing red, exploding and immediately feeling ridiculous. I appreciate her honesty and vulnerability. You cannot go on the Oprah show and think you will run the interview. That is not going to happen. You will humble yourself or be humbled. It was good to see Naomi, because her actions mirrored some of mine. I can relate to the string of boyfriends and craziness. I pray for her and pray for myself to continue to overcome some of my anger demons. It is a long, slow uphill battle to stop being a control freak. It is a hard road towards being able to let go. That is why a few days ago I blogged about me driving patiently behind a slow motorist. It may not seem like much, but I have to celebrate my sanity. I have to embrace my inner peace. I have to hold tight to patience. Because truth be told, it does not come easy to me. I have always been a ball of fire, even as a child. My continuous maturation involves me turning the fire down, without putting it out.

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  1. Good job, Maya the Bee. In the interest of your health you should focus on finding your inner peace. The first step was knowing that you need/want to be in control, now working on accepting that you may not always be in control and be okay with that.