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Thursday, October 4, 2012

+1 (Plus One)

It is my understanding and legend has it, after The Gift first met me, he told everyone who would listen that he intended for me to be his "Plus One" to Mi Casa Holiday this year.  Mi Casa is a house music weekend event, where people from all over the world converge on Playa del Carmen, Mexico to celebrate and enjoy house music.  It was at this event last year that he met my girlfriend Ang, whose house we later met at.  On our first date, he reiterated his plans to me directly.  Stating that he knew it was crazy and I probably did not believe him, but "watch, you're going to be my plus one (+1)".

I gave the same sheepish, embarrassed grin/smile I have learned to adopt after being let down previously on so many occasions from previous boyfriends.  I have to be honest, I was humored by his convincing tone, but I wasn't holding my breath.  I mean, I cannot count the amount of places I was supposed to go to or the things I was going to do, that never came to fruition.  But as I type this post in a Playa del Carmen hotel, a meager 8 months after meeting my beau, I cannot tell you how much more I appreciate him.  When I told him thank you, he asked why I was thanking him.  What he does not know or at least cannot understand is how much it means that he invited me and kept his word.  I love the fact that he put his mind to something and made it happen.  It may seem simple, but I cannot stand liars and I get so annoyed when someone makes a point of making plans that you both know will never come to be.

I am going to enjoy my vacation, not just because I'm chilling in Mexico, but because of who I'm chilling in Mexico with.

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  1. Soooo Awesome!!! I'm glad to have been the catalyst that brought +1 into your life. Can't wait to party with you in the sands of Playa del Carmen.

    Love ya both!