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Monday, March 5, 2012

Ghetto Queen

I previously wrote about a girl who irks me to the highest hilt (read).  A couple of weeks ago I had a conversation with the same young 'lady' who, through conversation said that she really had no desire to work.  She instead wanted to 'sit at home and collect unemployment.'  I was floored.  I know I am unrealistically optimistic about some things, but I could not imagine, in this economy that someone would opt out of work if they could, to sit at home.  Especially with the knowledge (I thought) that employment in this country is still very unstable; companies are still only moderately hiring.

I brought this to her attention and she, in her, 'I must get the last word', a la Kanye West: you can't tell me nothin' attitude, shrugged that off.  I just kept shaking my head repeating, 'ugh...don't be that girl.'  She is a single mom with a child and I just couldn't conceive the sense behind her bold statement.  She responded that she was that girl previous to me meeting her.  Her (lame) argument was that she was a 'better mom' then, taking her child to soccer, dance and whatever else, more during that time.  A point I countered with the fact that the child is in school during the day, so activities are not taking place until after school or in the evening.  There was no reason to stay home during the day, if you really could not afford it.  She did agree, but kept shrugging her dumb-ass shoulders.  I literally shook my head.  I told her she should want to be a better role model for her impressionable 6-year-old daughter.  

Needless to say, as much as she typically annoys me, I lost absolutely all respect for her that day.  I entertain no conversations with her outside of basic, cordial chit chat.  Not just because she says she would rather stay home, and do what she wants, shoot most of us would.  Or that she wants to spend more time with her daughter, that too is fine.  It is just the way in which she wants to go about doing it.  You will sit in my face and let your ovaries hang low enough to say that you essentially would quit if you could, collect unemployment, which granted you have paid into, but which will inevitably be subsidized by public assistance.  Which I will end up paying, (please forgive any Republican-esque under/overtones).  She once and for all proved herself to be the ridiculous ghetto 'queen' that we all knew she was.  It is so disappointing.  *exhale*

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