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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Writer's Block

I have had the hardest time writing lately, if you haven't noticed.  As always, I like to write about my life, what's going on, my gripes, complaints, etc.  Well lately, everything has been fine.  So fine, I am not nearly as introspective or thoughtful.  I have been in a cloud of sorts.  So the question is, what's there to write about when life is all good?

For instance, there is one aspect of my life that has definitely  evolved, grown and changed for the better, in the past month.  But because it's good and sacred to me, I don't want to release any information about it (him), yet.  I well up with giggles and my heart smiles when I think about my gift (I am not talking about a baby people!).  But with that said, I don't want to flagrantly spread the word without consciously considering the consequences that may come with that.  I don't want anyone's negative thoughts or internal battles tainting  or attempting to taint what I am thoroughly enjoying.  The 'gift' will be revealed at a time when our lives have been so intertwined there is no room left for denial.  Until then, I will keep trying to come up with colorful commentary, or just keep quiet all together.

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