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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Questions For My Stylist

Trina and I at the Client Appreciation Event on Monday. The photo will not upload normally, so disregard the stripes- you get the gist!

On Monday, my stylist and some other businesses she shares a floor with, had a client appreciation event. To thank clients for their continued support and to welcome new potential business, the three suites on her floor opened their doors with tons of food, desserts and drinks.  A good time was had by all.  I, in an effort to show my love and appreciation for the genius behind my hair, Trina S., decided to interview her about winter tips and anything else that came to mind.  Trina, who has been managing/doing/taming my hair since the tender age of 16, answered my questions openly and honestly.  So much so, I think everyone could benefit.

Is it important to change conditioners and/or shampoo during the winter season?
Well it is a  great idea to change products after you have been using the same product for more then 6 months.  You will find if you use the same product for too long  you will stop seeing the great results you saw in the beginning, so it is good to have at  least 3 standby professional products on hand, and more moisture, moisture, moisture, it's a staple for the winter months

Does it really matter what temperature the water you rinse and wash your hair with is? 
While shampooing your hair, warm water or extra warm (never hot) is ideal and very relaxing, however, the final rinse (with conditioner) should always be cool.  Cool water will bring out lots of shine and make the hair more manageable.  And it will seal the cuticle layer, locking in all the good stuff you just applied. 

What do you suggest as a scalp treatment during the winter season when your skin is typically drier?
I am obsessed with the Jane Carter Solution product line.  They have a lemon grass dry scalp treatment drops that you can apply straight to the scalp massaging it in, it works great for natural and relaxed hair.

You have a tight budget and you can only shop in a Sally's Beauty Supply or Walgreens. What are the 5 must-have items you pick up?
I am so glad you asked me this!  So many salons big and small like "NEW VISION hair studio" (N.V.), have always relied on retail sales.  Over the last few years, bigger companies have brought up lots of product lines and now your more exclusive products can be found in drug stores and your 'walmarts', so whenever you find a product you like at your salon, purchase it with your hair care provider to help keep the salon doors open (and help keep america beautiful!).  I love things you may already have in your pantry, like extra virgin olive oil.  Ok, if you had to go to Sallys and I do  from time to time.  I would recommend the proclaim line.  Their shampoos and conditioners work pretty good.  Most products work if they're used correctly, and is the right prescription for what your hair is in need of.

Do hair 'masks' really work, or are they just glorified deep conditioning treatments?
Conditioner masks, they work pretty good if your hair is in need of the extras (more moisture or more protein).  Most masks will penetrate  deeper, be more intense, usually these products can coat the hair and they need to be rinsed out very well.
Bonus Question: If you could ban any one hair product from store shelves, what would it be?

I would hate to ban any product line, because I might be the one to save that company one day.  I believe any product [works well], if it is the right prescription for your hair and used properly and the advice and help from your stylist is a great direction to go.   [Just] "don't  try this alone".

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