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Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Friendship of Men

I find it funny how men can stay friends for years and years.  Any number of grown men will have friends from early grade school throughout their entire adult life.  They stay loyal and never-changing.  I made this observation watching a group of young brothas having breakfast at Valois restaurant in Hyde Park a few weeks back.They didn't say much, but they looked so comfortable and cool with one another. In fact, they came after my girlfriend and I, but left well before us.  While we gabbed and shared our breakfast, they ate and was up.

In contrast, women have ever-changing friendships.  Yes, some of us may have that 'bestie' we've had since elementary school, but for the most part, our friendships are in cycles:  your elementary, junior high and high school friends.  Our co-workers from various employers.  Our married or single friends, our church and social friends.  The mommies have their 'mommy' friends.  The list goes on and on.  As we grow and change, so do our friends.  If we step into another 'life', we outgrow certain friends and leave them behind.  We constantly yearn for friends 'like me'.  In opposition, men could have a crew that includes working class, 'professional', single, married, college graduates and even ex-con friends and they hang tough.  I am not sure which is better.  Women who seem fickle, clique-ish or choosy on one hand, but poignant and serious about sticking close to 'birds of a feather'.  Or men who hold fast and strong to loyalty, through ups and downs no matter the paycheck or marital status.  Are they missing opportunities to surround themselves by like-minded people who will push or challenge them?  Something to ponder.

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