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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Lately I have been dreaming and dreaming and dreaming.  I typically dream a little, but especially and more vividly during those special times of the month when my 'girlfriend' is in town.  But that was weeks ago, and I have not been able to stop.  The dreams are random, clear and leave me exhausted in the morning.  I finally came to the resolve that I am stressed or worried, about what I wasn't sure.

The dreams have involved everything from the morbid to the weird.  The night before last I dreamed about attending a funeral with a former boyfriend at a hospital that doubled as an open-spaced, island-like funeral home.  I kept wondering and finally it came to me, I am stressed about work.  Last night confirmed my suspicions.  I first dreamed that we had some important people visiting our CEO in the office.  I was being nosey and collecting My Coke Reward points from discarded pop cases in a recycling bin (I do this in real life).  My goal was to pull the tabs before the two men came around the corner, but instead I tripped over and toppled the wastebasket in front of them.  My CEO shook his head, made a 'you're so stupid comment' and walked away while chuckling.  I was totally disregarded, but giggled and felt embarrassed at the same time.  After that dream, I snapped at a co-worker who was getting on my nerves.  I shouted, calling him something horrible which made him leave the room in silence.  Then I dreamed of being in a beachfront California-style house with a concrete parking lot instead of sand.  I was allowed to visit the first floor, but the second was reserved for the owner.  Somehow, we snuck up there anyway.  And a slow stressful, chase of sorts, ensued.

Yep, I'm stressed about work.  It is official.  My co-worker and friend had her baby (finally) on Monday, and I am now responsible for a lot of her workload during the maternity leave.  I did not realize how bad it would affect me.  But I know now; that's what I have been having anxiety about.  We kept trying to meet beforehand to discuss what would be expected of me during her absence, but it never seemed like I had enough information.  Now that I have covered her for three days so far, I am still having the dreams, but I am sleeping a little better.  I have been busy since she's been gone.  Last night, I realized I had not even read yesterday.  Crazy, I know, but I read it everyday!  Yes, that's how I gauge my busy-ness, 'do I have time to read a little during the day?'

Now that I know what's bothering me, I have been praying.  Not so much just for sleep, but rest.  My goal is to have less anxiety-filled dreams and more sound sleep, allowing me to wake more refreshed.

A girl can dream can't she??

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  1. Relax Maya the can do're smart.... it will all be over before you know will be laughing about this soon... you don't have to become are just her replacement her for a little while...