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Monday, October 3, 2011


I was watching a new show on CBS tonight called, '2 Broke Girls'.  The basis of the new fall comedy is two girls who work together in a Brooklyn diner have come together as friends and roommates because both are broke.  One girl is an heiress who has fallen on hard times and the other comes from a poorer background.  The show has 'canceled' written all over it.  But, it is CBS, and they have a following that likes quirky comedies and shows.  Does JAG and Big Bang Theory come to mind?  Anyway, watching the show and the tough-talking characters made me think of this memory...

I, along with my girls Nicole and K-Hubb, had flown to New York after work on a Friday last year for a quick getaway weekend in the city to see the Broadway show Fela.  Antoine was also meeting me there from Denver ( I think, I can't remember what city he was living in then).  We were staying in Battery Park and decided to go out for drinks as soon as we landed since there was limited time to kick it.  We went to a nearby pub.  The bartender, a woman, asked what we were having.  I answered, 'I don't know surprise me.  Whatever.'  This usually delights bartenders, because they can test out new concoctions and be creative.  But not this heifer.  She impatiently replied, 'No, you're going to be a big girl and tell me what you want.'  I think I ended up telling her to fix a gin and tonic.  She rolled her eyes and turned around to mix my drink.  Bitch.  Gotta love New York.

Antoine and I that night at the bar in NYC.

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  1. I did not know that happened and I was sitting right there, lol. I was down at ground zero and walked past that place, ohhhhhh memories!