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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Birthday Celebration

This weekend, the crew and I celebrated our girl's birthday, in our typical fashion.  Now while other GNOs consist of dinner and drinks, we like to take our celebrations up a notch.  This weekend was no different.  In the past we have done everything from a suburban roadhouse to a downtown blues club, even a ghetto strip club.  Our goal collectively is to make the outing special, and make sure it's a night to remember.    Due to schedules and out-of-town distance, everyone could not make it, so three of us had to hold it down for the birthday girl.  We decided on a Blackhawks game, which she (unbeknownst to us) has always wanted to attend.  Perfect!

We began with the Blackhawks and ended the night at a Hyde Park dive bar called The Cove on 55th Street (east of the viaduct) .  This helped to calm our nerves since the Hawks lost, 4-5 in an overtime shootout.  Now with any really fun night out, there are always quotes that you find yourself chuckling out loud to by yourself when you think of them later.  Here are that night's soon-to-be classics:

In response to Ryen telling us about her new boo, I gush, 'I love dorks!'  K-Hubb:  'I love di...oh never mind.'

When the Blackhawks score, Ak Fe, yells:  'Go SOX!!'  *wrong team*

K-Hubb:  'Beyonce is the Kelly Rowland of the Screen Actors Guild.'

Ak Fe:  ' tomorrow I'm going to Missy's party.'  Me:  'Missy Elliot?'  *I had to put down the Amstel Light and laugh.  The look on her face was priceless.*

As the 'jumbo-tron' camera captures random people enjoying the game, K-Hubb says, real nonchalant:  'They need to be shooting the 4 black people in here.'  *For the record, I counted 10 total.*

What a 'suite' view!
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  1. Missy Elliott?! Hahahahahahaha...that's a great night right there!