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Monday, August 1, 2011


This weekend I posted '5 Questions For Him'.  One of the questions I asked 'John' was:

2.  How do you REALLY feel about single women over 30? Over 40?
Don't really think I have an opinion about single women of any age...don't really benefit from any of em so...

This question, spawned a question from ISAJAM.  She wanted 'John' to clarify his answer.  I did a follow-up 'interview' and this was his response:

To clarify...women who are over 30, 40 and on are likely stronger than those who aren't.  Its easy to settle and accept less than what's deserved but its harder to take value in who (you) are and play it out.

I love it! other unrelated news...

Mr. Friend text me today to ask how I was doing.  I told him I was fine and asked about his well being.  He said he was good.  The exchange was brief, and ended with him saying he was really happy to hear that I was good and instructing me to 'take good care of urself.'  Remember he resurfaced a few weeks ago to ask why I had deleted him from my Facebook friend list.  At first, my ego had me thinking, 'he must really miss me'.  Then it occurred to me, Sade is in town this weekend.  Guess who has tickets to the Saturday night performance?  And guess who bought said tickets?  I had asked him months ago if we could see Sade in concert since their were still tickets available.  He agreed and I purchased them with my credit card.  He came over that same night to repay me for both tickets.  When I received them in the mail, I asked if he wanted to hold his own ticket.  He said, 'no', he wanted me to keep them.  Probably because having Sade tickets around the house you share with your long-term girlfriend is not a good idea.  She liable to think they are for her, I mean, you are a couple.  Right?  We jokes on him, because guess who has already invited her girl?  And guess who could care less?  Me!

*singing* it a crime?...


  1. Okay, don't get hurt messing around with that man's money and his plans. Make wise choices. He won't be mad about the tickets, just the after concert plans he has made.

  2. rotflmao....ok, ok....sorry. Isajam is right, Sade is some serious mood music. he probably was expecting the real show to be after the concert.

    but still....LOL....payback is a -----