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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

5 Questions For Him

I really liked my 5 Questions for Him post.  When I discussed it with some of my men friends, they wanted to participate.  Plus, ‘John’ said he wanted to be my resident ‘Him’.  So for this post, I have brought back ‘John’ and 2 new ‘Hims’.  Each man’s name has been changed, but their answers are real.

The questions...
1.  Your thought on head scarves, wraps, rollers, satin caps, ‘do rags,   the    bedroom.
2.  Is there such a thing as ‘bad head’?
3.  What are 3 vacation spots you would never bring a (your) woman?
4.  Your thoughts on women with super-tight cliques/crews.
5.  How ‘natural’ can your woman be?  Bikini waxes, brows, feet, nails, hair, etc...
The answers...
John the very first 5QFH man.  You can find his deets in the previous post
I don’t really get the scarf thing because I’m bald but...she sexy to me anyways.
Bad head is really, for me, head that she really is lukewarm on giving and maybe doesn’t “wanna” do it...just doing it because...
My woman can go with me anywhere cause she my priority not the environment.
I have no qualms with a woman with good friends that spend a lot of time together so long as she can accept the same...
I’m definitely into the natural thing...I like a bush, I’m ok with eyebrows being undone, feet...I don’t like “crusty”, nails...I like the au natural its confidence, as for the hair...I don’t mind any style so long as its unkept and looks ok (in my opinion).
Jay 31, married for 7 years, 3 young daughters, advance degreed, active church-goer
In general, I believe in maintaining that beautiful mane. I understand that head scarves are a part of said maintenance BUT I have a little saying that ill share: 'Head scarves are a distraction when I'm about to get some action'. Unless we are role-playing and your character name is Boonquisha, remove the head apparatus until the special events are over.
I don't think I can answer this question with bursting out in tears, but YES, YES, YES a lady can be bad at...umm...alternative ways of pleasing a man. Now if you are TOO good and seem like a 2011 Superhead, that's suspect! After you are done (what, you think I would turn away a willing participant!?!), I may have some concerns. Let me tell you what I like and we will be all good. But if you all over the place gobbling like a Nathan’s Hotdog championship and that's not what I like, we may not have a happy ending.
I would say South America, Europe and any other spot outside of the continental United States. It would be too painful of an experience. My neck would be hurting from turning to look at all the women and my jaw would be hurting from getting hit by my lady.
I don't have an issue with a woman having a clique or a crew. My issue is her inability to separate herself when its time to cleave to her husband and forsake all others. There comes a time when we both must realize that part of moving from just dating to something more serious involves clearing out some of the 'noise' that can create interference. Your homies and your girls sometimes have to be the first to be put at a distance.  While having some comrades you can depend on is admirable, please make sure they are not acting as your guard dogs, your advisory board, or worse, a double agent that's using your secrets to get an advantage.
I believe natural and neat do not have to be mutually exclusive. If you happen to be natural keep it tight. I like a woman that shows that the effort is being put into whatever style you got. Waxing? If you want to have the enchanted forest down there that's cool, just know that I may not want to skip through the woods if I cant see a path! There is no reason why your hair should be running down the inside of your thighs, EVER! Nail, feet, hair (on your head) have to be maintained consistently, not as in glamour, but as in presentable in public...
Greg mid-late 30s, urban professional, degreed, single, no kids 
Let's just say, I was raised by traditional/old school black women.  I've seen it all.  It comes with the territory.  I have no problem with it.  My only request from my lady is that during the "adults ONLY" portion of the bedroom activities, that she refrains from wearing the head gear.  Who wants to make love to Anja-Mima. When the cuddling begins and it's time to count sheep...the head gear can be applied.
WOW...I wanna stay PG-13 on this one, but it's impossible.  Sorry ladies...I'm going in.  I think all guys will agree with me on this one.  Is there such a thing as "bad head"....HELL YES!  If your teeth scrape, scratch, or even come into contact with a my sugar cane...we got big problems.  And stop staring at me while you're surveying the land.  That freaks us out.  And keep in mind, it's a muscle...not a joystick.  And I have no problem in giving you directions on how I like it, BUT don't think you're going to have one bad session and you're done for good.  Nope!  Not gonna happen captain.  To steal a line from the late great Bernie Mac, "she's gotta learn, she's gotta learn". 
Any place where I wouldn't get popped in the back of the head for looking in the direction of a beautiful woman who is not my lady.  "Hey, I was looking in that direction already.  She crossed into my line of vision".  But if I had to choose, I'd some type of couples only resort...during the offseason.  Safest bet and assures you of a week of no late night dates with the couch or floor.
Let's just say, I don't mind women having tight cliques or crews, HOWEVER, she must know "the boundaries".  She should never talk to her girls about how good or how bad her man is in bed.  For if her man is good in bed, and she tells her girls...let's just say she shouldn't be surprised if one of her girls tries to (fill in the blank) her man.
I'm a fan of waxing.  Who wants to crawl through the bushes to find his honey pot.  And a woman should not have more hair under her arms or on her legs than a man does.  A sister also has to have her nails and feet correct.  Who wants to date a woman with feet and nails that look like she's been forging through the forrest looking for nuts and berries?  Don't get me wrong, polished nails are a plus, but not necessary.  Just make sure they're clean and filed.  
On another note, I'm a fan of natural hair.  No weaves or extensions, please.  One of my worse nightmares is for her track to end up in my hand during a make out session.  If GOD wanted you to have long hair, you'd have long hair.  If you had long hair and decided to cut with it.  If you have short hair and want long hair..wait for it.  

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  1. Well first i would rather you come to bed with your hair however,because it will get pulled and sweated out anyway!dorage and things dont really work for me,i should be the one wearing that for play time!
    Bad head!oh yes there is such a thing!When a woman really wants to get streched out she will nible and play with it,just to work you up so you can lay it down now!thats the bad head!The nibbler,thats agravating ladys!if a man is down there blowing bubbles and drooling on you,thats when he gets the head push aint it!the same for us!i would rather stop than get nibbled!
    Ill take my woman anywhere!
    You can have BFF's,as long as i can too!But it they are the man hating,girl fuck them niggas,its girls night typs,Then i would have a problem!If i cant go with if i wanted too,or just because then its no good!
    Natural is cool,supper natural is a problem!slight bush is ok ,supper hair is humm!No man likes a mouth full of publick hairs!all stuck in his k9s!it will cut down on the head you get from him!No hair,its dinner time!
    Brother k!