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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rihanna Loud Tour 2011-Chicago (My Review)

On Wednesday, my girl K-Hubb and I went to the Rihanna concert.  I was not nearly as excited to see her as I am to see Sade in August, but what the hey?  I like some of her songs and I love live (good) music.  Her opening acts were J-Cole (who does the rap for my favorite Miguel song, 'All I Want is You'.  He was pretty good.) and BoB, who was excellent.  Okay, first of all, I am getting to the age where I am starting not to know any of the top 40 artists.  So I had no idea he did the 'Dougie' song.  I also had no idea he was so talented, cut and energetic.  What is even more crazy is, my dad was like 'oh yeah, he's talented.  He writes well too.'  Daddy saw him on Carson Daley's show and was impressed.  he told me about him awhile back, but you know I don't listen.

Moving forward, after running all the way to my company's executive suite to get the Rockslide Brownie from the dessert cart (you don't get those special selections at the regular concession stands), I got back just in time for the arena to cut the lights and Rihanna to hit the stage.  There she was 'Rih Rih', bright red hair and all.  She opened the show with 'Only Girl In the World'.  I was excited, that's my jam!  After all the songs, those I recognized and the one's I didn't.  The costume changes, I counted about seven.  The thing that stuck with me the most was, how absolutely sexy she is!!  I mean she exudes sex!

Rihanna does not do the whole highly choreographed dance routine thing.  Instead, she winds and grinds it up, skips and does her own thing.  But it is so natural.  There is no forced effort to be 'hot', she just is.  Her Caribbean roots are most definitely prominent.  And you can tell, she was born to be a star.  There is no pretend with her.  It never seems contrived.  Yes, the lap-dance she gave on stage to a female fan was planned (I saw the Youtube clip of her doing to a fan in Baltimore), it did not come across like she was trying too hard to be sexy.

Overall, I would give the concert a B+.  It was very entertaining and I have a new found respect for her as an artist.  Great show!

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