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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Drop and give me 20!

I read this article on my favorite gossip blog, The YBF.  I already heard Raven-Symone discuss her weight loss of the Wendy Williams Show, I was annoyed then.  But she is still keeping up with this untruth/partial truth ridiculousness.  Click the link below to read excerpts from a Rolling Out article.


Okay Raven, please STOP THE MADNESS!!  You did not gain AND keep the weight because of stress.  Stop acting like the hamburgers and hot dogs didn't help!  If stress caused you to eat, fine.  If it made you keep it on, okay.  But you didn't drop weight because you changed jobs and wasn't stressing anymore.  Why is it, when people lose weight they want to act like something special and miraculous took place.  You bust your ass in the gym, and/or you diet.  There is no way of getting around it.  You didn't stop stressing and drop 20lbs (or however much she lost); you dropped the ice cream cone.  Many women could benefit from her story, but she is not keeping it real!  That's like when Star Jones said she lost all that weight from doing pilots.  Ain't enough stretching in the world...I even had a landlord, who knowingly let her family think she had CANCER, instead of just telling them that she was getting the lapband surgery.  I do not feel you owe anyone an explanation of your health, or life in general, but come on.  I would rather you not say anything, than to just flat out lie.  Puh-leeze!

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  1. I agree! Believe you/me if I start workin out (not likely) and you say giirrll you look good how'd you do it? My response will be the gym is the devil and I have sinned LOL