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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cry Baby

I'm at a neighborhood coffe 'lounge', having a latte and taking advantage of their free wi-fi. I invited my girlfriend and Woodlawn neighbor, April, to join me for a beverage and chat. I of course made sure to invite her handsome soon-to-be 2-year-old son, AJ, to come along. AJ was doing quite well at first, coloring in his coloring book, only getting slightly frustrated when the tip of one of his crayons broke. But soon, he spotted something that April and I did not even notice, a toy car. It was the possession of a little boy only 2-3 years AJ's senior. The boy, being a 'good boy' brought the toy over to let AJ see it up close and personal. He was about to let AJ hold it, until April informed the little boy, he would never hold possession of it again.

Frustrated, AJ began to cry. Not wimper, but all out cry. He was so annoyed and irritated. He was screaming at the top of his lungs. He began to throw his crayons, his toy helicopter (which no longer held his attention). He had officially lost his cool. AJ's tantrum had caused quite a stir in the 'coffee lounge'. Two white-haired women sitting close kept looking back. To which I explained, 'he's having a hard time'. They agreed and smiled, asking if he was 2. Shaking their heads like, 'been there, done that'. A manager-type came over and asked if there was anything they could give him. April replied, no, that she would just leave.

Wincing at his shrieks and getting a little hot from the looks we were receiving from the lounge patrons, I was struck by April's absolute cool nature. She did not lose it. She stayed calm and supported him, saying, "I know, I know." Truth be told I knew too. There are things we all want. When we do not or cannot get them, it is absolutely frustrating. April explained to me, he would relax a bit if the family with the boy and the toy of AJ's desire, would just leave.

It is true, the statement, 'out of sight, out of mind'. I have to pull myself away from things that frustrate and annoy me. I came here today mainly to delete some 'friends' from my Facebook page (as I am unable to do so on my mobile). The three culprits: My old best friend's mother and 12-year-old sister, my ex and a person from my past who successfully torments me from time to time. The little sister, well this is a no brainer, you're a little kid and I don't want you on my page. I felt bad deleting her because she has few friends and likes me. But if I see another post about how 'bored she is' or how she 'might go outside today', I swear I will scream. Her mother, well, another no brainer. Although she also likes me a lot, and refers to me as her daughter-in-law, let's be honest lady, your son is gay. I know you believe it's just a freaky phase he is going through. It's not, he's really gay. You and I being 'close' is not going to change that fact. I am so sorry to have to be the one to break this down to you. Plus, you do not respond or post anything. Your son showed himself to be a fair weather friend, and I will never forget that. Period.

My ex, well, if you met him, you'd understand. I don't want to satisfy your stalking fetish. Your current girlfriend is not only an idiot, but a insecure 40-plus-er. I don't mess with those b!tches. If you are over the age of 40 and still acting like a fool, I need my space AND distance. Because that's the kind of behavior that is all yours now. You're not going to outgrow that crazy. I have had my crazy moments, but they were in my 20s. Also, you only comment on my pictures which further creeps me out, when I comment on your page, I'm often ignored. I know you're trying to keep the fire down on your psychopathic girlfriend. I understand, so I hope you understand.

My habitual tormentor, well I have not forgotten how you flaked out on me when I recently invited you to a Bulls game. In fact, I have not forgotten about all the times you have flaked out or just stood me up, despite how much you 'miss me'. Yes, I understand that as usual you're in a relationship that has you going back and forth. I can recognize why she has clout over me and why as usual, I'm your, 'I have nothing else to do but f*ck with your emotions'. So I hope you understand that, yes, I ignored your call yesterday. And yes, I have deleted you, because I want nothing more to do with you. Being a friend of the family makes it hard for me to go straight Charlie Baltimore on your @ss. But you really must go. As the manager of the 'coffee lounge' stated to my girlfriend today, 'it's just too much'. Yes, April and AJ were asked to leave essentially. AJ knocking over the chair deliberately, probably didn't help (that just made me giggle to myself).

April, sent a text shortly after they left, to inform me that the situation had cooled down. AJ was feeling better and back to normal. Out of sight...the funny thing is, I was having anxiety over my deleting these individuals. I felt like I'd have to answer for it, that I might be confronted later. But until then...out of mind.

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