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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Trash Talk

As I was parking my car on my block today, there was a van pulled in front my apartment building. This would not have normally concerned me, but not only was it parked in the only handicapped spot on the block, but the driver rolled his window down to throw out his lottery tickets. Something people very close to me know is, I absolutely DETEST litterers! I mean I cannot stand the notion that you will throw garbage on the streets.

I walked to the van and pick up the tickets before they blew away. I asked if it was garbage. To this, the 50-plus man shrugged his shoulders. I shook my head in annoyance and walked to my gate. At the same time a man was exiting. We exchanged 'how you doings'. I asked if he was going to the van to which he said, 'yes'. I told him to ask his friend not to litter on the block. He said he would and I heard him do so when he reached the van.
There is this ridiculous notion that garbage pickup is someone's job security. In fact, in urban neighborhoods like mine, nothing could be further from the truth. Besides the ever-present police force, I have NEVER seen a city worker in my neighborhood doing anything but putting boots on delinquent ticket-payer's cars. When I see trash being picked up, it's by concerned neighbors only.

If you litter, you're an ASSHOLE! Period. I'm sick of seeing empty Flamin' Hot Cheetos bags, Swisher Black & Mild wrappers or even the occasional Magnum condom remnants. Take it to the garbage.

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