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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

T.V. Guide

Tonight is the premier of 'The Game'. The popular show has been picked up by BET, much to their fan's delight. When I say fans, I mean EVERYONE that is on Twitter and Facebook. Okay, maybe not EVERYone, but it seems to be all anyone can talk about.

I've seen the show, and enjoyed it. No complaints here. But like so many other TV programs, I missed an episode or two, fell behind on what was going on, and eventually lost interest. The crazy thing is, the more people get hyped up about it, the less enthused I become.

Now I hate to be a television snob, but I'm more likely to get excited about Sunday Morning, 60 minutes, This Week, 30 Rock, old reruns of Living Single or 48 Hours Mystery. Again, by no means am I above shows like The Game, but it does not intrigue me the way it seemed to others tonight.

I remember years back, a young woman, the cousin of a guy I was dating. We were all going out, and she was nose-deep in a Zane book reading in the backseat of his car. I told her how I had never read Zane and had no interest, despite it's popularity. Her response: 'Girl, you ain't a real woman, if you ain't read Zane!' I thought to myself, 'I have sex, I don't have to read about it!'

That brings me to my point, I have had my share of drama. I really don't need to watch other's. I know real housewives and how utterly boring their lives can be. I also know women from Atlanta, who are tame, classy and smart, so RHOA does not excite. I have personally been caught in a love triangle. Not. Fun. At. All. I have seen what a baby conceived outside of a marriage can do to a relationship. Therefore, watching a soap opera featuring one, does not entice me. My sister was a teen mom, at a time when it was still a closely guarded secret and severely frowned upon. I know how tough it can be for a family. I do not need to see it on TV.

My good girlfriend will not go anywhere on Law & Order: SVU night. I, on the other hand, am loyal to no TV show. There is no scripted program that will pull me away from life itself. I do not judge others for taking pleasure in being able to forget their own cares and worries, to be entertained by others. But I do feel as a society we are pulling further away from each other. How many times do you talk on your cell phone when you are with someone? You are in the company of a live human, but you would rather talk to someone on the phone about most likely, absolutely nothing. How often are you out to dinner with friends and family, texting all the while? Is it more important to update your Facebook status or post on Twitter what you are doing and where you are doing it, instead of just DOING it? I can say I have been guilty of it, posting every detail of my life instead of just enjoying it and living in the moment.

I have personally pulled away from my TV. Partially because my cable bill was getting stupid, but mainly because I will not let it rule me. I will not become a program slave, staying in the house to watch shows that will most likely air again or I can pull from Youtube. Most of the shows we watch will return the following week. Can we be so sure that WE will as well?

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  1. Very powerful. I have to say I agree. I have never been one to give myself religiously to a show. When we were younger I actually did the opposite of everyone. When there was a fad show I purposely didn't watch it (Melrose place 90210 Moesha) I hate reality T.V. and have flat out told my daughters that they lose brain cells. I will say though I am not a T.V. saint I do religiously keep up with the show parenthood.... but I youtube it when it is convenient for me. I am soo super guilty of texting and updating statuses etc when out or anything when I should just be enjoying my people. You really bring up key elements I need to work on and appreciate the perspective. I look forward to many new posts and thank you. May God bless you and keep you :)