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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Girls just wanna have fun.

So as I mentioned, my girlfriend was in town this week. She stayed with me for five nights and six days. I must tell you I was a little apprehensive at first. Of course she would be welcomed in my home, but I could not help but think of previous girls' trips, roommate situations and anything involving me and broads. They rarely, if ever ended well. Now don't get me wrong. I take full responsibility considering I am the common denominator of each scenario (cue the 'who me face?'). But again, there is always a toss up as to how these close encounters of the vagina-kind will end.

We, however, had a great time. I say that, not in surprise, but with contentment and a little pride. It tells me, I am not the super micro-managing, control freak and bossy dictator I have been led to believe. I can be easy-going and relaxed. But I think I have finally found the key. I work better with those that take control. People that answer your questions, before you ask them. Women that are two steps ahead of your thinking process; so you don't have to think. In essence, I get along better, or rather easier with those who are the way people describe me to be. If not, those that are secure or comfortable enough not to mind my 'suggestions'. For instance my house guest was/is very self-sufficient. She was able to make her way around town, while I was at work.

I find myself being apologetic and self-conscious of my actions, tones and/or suggestions. But I don't want to be. I want to continue to strive to become an even better person, but I don't want to 'lose my luster'. I do not want to dictate where we go or what we do. But when it comes time to do things, I end up being the person to coordinate the activities. I guess if I just sit back and let nature take it's course, a leader will organically emerge. But what if it doesn't? What if we spend time, asking the who, what, when, where and why and not acting? What if we all spent so much time trying not to step on each other's feet that no one ever got around to walking or dancing? What if we sat around with a great idea that never came to fruition?

I have been 'bossy' all of my life, not to everyone or to every situation, but it has been there. The older I get the more it is important that I get things going. Or rather 'keep the party going'. The truth is, I don't want to miss a thing (cue the Aerosmith music). I hate to imagine missing a great concert or show, because I am waiting on others to decide when and what they are going to do. The longer I live the more I am convinced that I want LIFE. Active living gives me a reason to live more actively.

As I told my friend Nicole, I 'don't like people in my space'. The truth is, I love to share common and peaceful space with others. I do not like to share space where I have to alter who I am. I do not want those in my space that will not respect the piece of MJ real estate I am allowing them to enter and reside in 'rent free'. When I say space, I am speaking literally AND figuratively. My space, meaning my life. You can come in, but you have to respect the 'house rules'. The 'house' being me.

I told my girl she is welcome to come back any time, and I mean that. She really is, because it was fun having her around. If you ask my 3 college roommates, my cousin, my mom and dad, they may have a completely different story. They were all roommates of sorts. But I am older and wiser. I am more forgiving and less dramatic about life. I know the importance of getting along and being a good friend. I still have far to go, but at least now I am moving in the right direction.

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