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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Snappin' Off

This weekend, the Gift, straight checked this chick and I loved it!  I am not a fan of men being ungentleman-like to women, but in some cases, it is necessary.  There is this person who is an extension of his crew of friends.  Extension meaning, I would feel the most comfortable referring to her as a groupie of sorts.  She is phony and an all around clown.  But she is not important.  Although she sparked the conversation, she is not the least bit important.  What is important is, the Gift checked her for not acknowledging me.  Yes, I told on her.  Mainly because she had the audacity to tell him to 'bring your girl' to her birthday celebration.  When he told me that, I knew it was bull.  And sure enough the next two encounters I had with her, she completely ignored me.  So you were hoping I would not have enough perception to know that you do not care for me, but you want me to be in the company of all of your friends so you could diss me on your turf?...I'm straight on that.  But again, I digress, it's not about her.  The Gift, checked her.  In a bar.  So assertively and to the point, I heard parts of it over thumping house music.  "How you gon(na) come in here, speak to me and not speak to my lady?!  No, no, how you not gon(na) acknowledge my lady?"  Yeah, get her!!

I giggled inside and I still smile when I think about it.  Here is a "woman" who will come in and hug my man, ignore me completely, even though we were all in the same vicinity (you could at least wave to the group as a whole), then you sit in my man's vacant seat, which of course is right next to me, turn your back to me and commence to flick your hair repeatedly over your shoulder.  Oh yeah, she was trippin'!  But that's not how the story ends.  She came over and heavily tapped me on my shoulders.  When I turn around, she waves sheepishly and says, 'Hi'.  I say, my usual, "hey, how you doing?".  Then she set herself up for major failure.  She extends her arms childishly, to welcome a hug.  My response?  "No hugs, it was good seeing you.  But no hugs."  Her face displayed shock and disbelief.  I smiled and turned back to my conversation.

It is good to know I have someone in my corner who doesn't go for the okey-doke.  He knows women can be catty, but does not see that as a reason for someone to be rude, especially not to me.

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  1. Good job. I am glad you were respectable yet deliberate. No passive aggressive BS like I sometimes do in those situations. She needed to be checked and I admire the tag time. Gold star to you and the Gift.