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Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Truth About Lying

Three things stood out to me this weekend:

1.  It never ceases to amaze me how insecure people, grown people can be.  The fallacies that they concoct and believe are endless.

2.  In time, people will not only reveal their true selves, but the feelings they had tucked deep down will slowly seep to the surface.

3.  Woman cannot live off of Golden Oreo Cookies alone- hungry as hell!

Numbers 1 and 2, are the most important and sometimes less obvious.  It is a shame, but if I was given a dollar every time someone told a lie on me, or totally misconstrued something I said, I would have at least $875!  If I was given a nickel for ever incident where someone used me as the scapegoat for some of their own bullshit when I wasn't to blame, I would have about $600.  But the strange thing about lies and being lied on, is how it brings you so much closer to the truth- your truth.  In my mind, as I wade through the mess of it all, I intricately slay each lie.  I dissect every word repeated and get free, steadily reminding myself that I am defined only by myself, second, and an almighty divine One, who created me, first.  All others are banished to the waist side.

Furthermore, although hurtful, I cannot help but feel empowered.  For someone to take time and create a fairytale about me, they had to have realized that I was, and am, a tower.  A tower that would need to be toppled to bring us to the same level.  Not happening- I'm good where I am.

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