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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dream Sequence

Here is a dream I wrote about on April 17, 2012:

When I woke this morning, the last thing I dreamt was me in Paris.  I climbed some steps to enter a quaint, quiet and low-lit cafe.  I was alone.  The hostess asked if I wanted to join a table of three women who sat at a table for four.  I looked back and forth between the empty seat at their table and an empty table for two I could dine at alone.  I chose the women's table.  When I sat, they didn't say anything, just looked at me then kept their conversation.  The women were African and/or Middle Eastern.  Their hues were dark chocolate or olive.  Then the scene shifted to what appeared to be the same cafe, but now I was standing.  People were adding pictures of young men and women from the Middle East and Africa to two walls.  I would choose a picture and 'interview' them on the spot.  If they answered my questions, they got citizenship (not sure if to U.S. or France). But it was that simple.

I try to write my dreams down before I forget them, especially the bizarre ones.  Because I will forget, just like I forgot this one.  I happened to be flipping through my journal for another entry I wrote and found this.  To add context, I did just have a conversation with Antoine about how envious I was that he was going to Paris (and other parts of Europe) next month.  Maybe that spawned this dream.

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