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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Drunken Posts

There are times I do not post on Facebook for days.  If anything, I may 'check in' somewhere, but that's it.  But when I am drunk or tipsy even, and out, the posts get a little out of hand.  After last night, I am seriously considering removing Facebook from my phone.  I hate to do it, because sometimes it provides satisfactory entertainment.  Take last night for instance, I posted, or attempted to post at least 5-6 random thoughts and/or commentary on the shape-up of my night.  Which consisted of my ever increasing intake of alcohol.What started out as one post advertising an event, steam-rolled into a barrage of ridiculousness.  I had 3 tequila shots, rum and cranberry, a watermelon long island and a strong gin martini- let's just say I was more vocal than usual.  So vocal, by the end of the night I had posted the inventory of drinks consumed.  Now I was getting a bad reception and my phone kept cutting itself off to reboot, which might explain why today I only see two posts.  I hope that is the case and not just me being confused by the timeline structure.  Regardless, I need to work hard against 'expressing' myself when others are watching, even if via social media.

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